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Through these robot activities in ROBO-PRO events, we grapple with science education for children who are responsible for the next generation. Moreover, one can have a great time learning about robot technology in the events where famous robot researchers are invited. After the games, for interaction with visitors we let them directly speak to the robot's creators and ask them simple questions to technical questions.


In ROBO-PRO, without leaving the attractiveness of robots, we get publicity for robots, which is one of the contents Japan is proud of in the world. Also, the activities of ROBO-PRO propose new possibilities of robots and provide a glimpse into the future where people live together with robots. For architectonics, manufacture and design, and practical use of such robots, all types of industries are asked to enter into a robot business field, and an extensive industrial progress by robots is expected. In ROBO-PRO, we cooperate with the robot speculative development network, "RooBO", and directly lead the robot industry through the activities such as a contract for robot development and a new offer of seeds of technologies.

ROOBORoboCup is an international joint research project through open experiment, and its objective is to make a team which consists of 11 humanoid robots and will break the World Cup champion team of FIFA by 2050. The Kita Yard Robo city core design is aiming at the base formation, in order to develop the idea of this RoboCup, researches of RT (robot technology), the technology education through RT, and market creation of RT industry. This time, ROBO-PRO," a WALKING ROBO City core" is carrying out entertainment that specializes in humanoid robots, education, and industrial training activities. The potential capabilities of humanoid robots are pulled out in various meanings, and I want to raise a robot's social cognition and to expect the activities of ROBO-PRO to make Osaka the No.1 robot city of the world by showing them to many people.

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